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Ranch Home on .8 Acres
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Ranch Home on .8 Acres
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Crabtree Real Estate Online Auction
50624 Grimms Bridge Rd , East Liverpool, Ohio 43920
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Starting Bid:$1.00
Bid Increment:$500.00
CURRENT BID:$46,000.00
NEXT BID $46,500.00
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A 10% Buyer's Premium will be added to the final Sales Price. All applicable taxes will be assessed based on the sum of the sales price and buyer's premium.


1 story frame home of approx. 1680 sq ft built in 1973. Oak kitchen. Carpeted living room and family room. 3 bedrooms and full bath. Full basement with laundry, ½ bath and oil forced air heating system, breaker box electric. Concrete block foundation. 2 car garage in basement with overhead doors and cement floor. Covered porch, vinyl siding, shingle roof. Well and septic system. All situated on .805 acres of land with frontage along Grimm’s Bridge Road. 
Note: Home is in need of repairs, maintenance and remodeling. Contents of home selling with the real estate. Due to lack of electric well and septic system will be sold on a waiver.
 Terms on Real Estate: 10% of the contract price down day of sale, balance due upon delivery of deed and title guarantee. This property sells subject to Columbiana County Court. There will be a 10% buyer’s premium added to the final sales price to constitute a contract price.  If the above show date is not suitable contact our office for alternate viewing.  330-227-3236.

Taxes per ½ year:   $1,010.19

    Taxes will be prorated to date of Deed. 
    Legal Description is sufficient for Transfer. 
    Possession on closing.
    Title Company closing cost will be split between buyer and seller.
    Subject to all matters of record. 
    Well and Septic inspection unable to be completed, a waiver will be signed by buyer and seller.
    Gas and Oil rights owned by the Seller will transfer to the Buyer. 
    Property Sold AS IS with all contents. Any Desired Inspections to be Completed Before Bidding.


Terms Of Sale


TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THIS AUCTION (REAL ESTATE): (please note terms and conditions may be  different for each auction and are subject to change)

THIS AUCTION IS "AS IS", "WHERE IS" WITH NO CONTINGENCIES - Bidders must do all of their due diligence (home inspections, appraisals, etc.) prior to the end of the online bidding. The Sales Contract will not contain any contingencies for these matters. This property is sold AS IS, WHERE IS, and is not subject to any financing.

POSSESSION:  The seller is maintaining a 30 day possession after closing.

BUYERS PREMIUM: There will be a 10% buyers premium added to the sale price to constitute a contract price.

REGISTRATION: Proper and complete online registration is required to bid. All bidders must provide name, address, phone number, and email address to register. A credit card (MC, Visa or Discover) is required to actually place a bid on the property. The credit card will be validated before bidding access is granted, but is not a recognized form of payment of the deposit or purchase price. Should a Winning Bidder fail to complete the contract signing process, the required deposit will be charged to the credit card provided at registration. By registering, all bidders acknowledge having read and agree to be bound by the Auction Terms and Conditions. Bidders may register prior to, or during the bidding period.

BIDDING ONLINE: The only way this property may be purchased is via online bidding during the published bidding period. (If you need assistance placing a bid or prefer to submit a bid in person, please call our office for assistance. 330-227-3236 ext. 109) To place a bid, bidders enter their "maximum" bid and click the "Place Bid" button. Each time that bidder is outbid by another bidder, the system will automatically bid on their behalf at the established bid increments up to their maximum. In the case of an auction with a reserve, if the max bid amount entered is less than the reserve, the system will place the bid at the max amount. Once the reserve is met, then the system will advance the bid (by the bid increments) only when the bidder is outbid by another bidder, up to the bidders max. The system will not advance a bidder's own bid. Online-only auctions utilize the "Soft Close" feature that automatically extends the bidding time if a bid is received in the last 5 minutes of the published bidding period. The extensions will continue until 5 minutes have lapsed without any bidding activity, at which time the auction is concluded.

FINANCING: Financing is not a contingency of sale in this offering. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that potential bidders ensure in advance that they are able to obtain the necessary financing to close the transaction.

CONTRACT SIGNING: At the conclusion of the auction the Winning Bidder(s) will receive an email confirming his or her winning bid status. The seller will then be contacted by the auction company to arrange the signing of all purchase documents required, this may be done by email.  All documents must be signed and down payment made within 48 hours of the end of the auction.

Note: property-specific purchase documents are available prior to the auction end date and any professional reviews of such documents should be undertaken PRIOR to bidding. All final bids are subject to Seller's confirmation, unless advertised otherwise. Any property with a high bid exceeding the Seller's reserve will be declared "sold" by the Auctioneer. In instances where the seller's reserve was not met in the auction, the signed contract and accompanying deposit will be presented to the Seller for approval, which shall be given or denied in the Seller's sole discretion within 2 business days. If approval is denied, all documents and the deposit will be returned immediately.

DOWN PAYMENT (DEPOSIT): The Winning Bidder shall be required to make an earnest money down payment equal to 10% of the contract price in the form of a check, cash, wire transfer or money order. This deposit must be made within 48 hours of the bidder being declared the Winning Bidder. Winning Bidders whose documents and deposit are not received within the required timeframe are subject to having their bids removed and the property offered to the backup bidder.

CLOSING: The Winning Bidder shall close within 30 days of the auction date, unless stated differently in the Purchase Agreement.

SURVEY: Seller shall pay for a survey if one is deemed necessary for recording.  Any surveys requested by the buyer or their agents shall be at the cost of the buyer.

REAL ESTATE TAXES & ASSESSMENTS: Taxes will be prorated to day of closing.

EASEMENTS AND LEASES: Sale of said property is subject to any and all easements of record and any and all leases. If the property is being rented the rents will be prorated to date of deed.

AGENCY: Baer Auctioneers - Realty, LLC. and its representatives are Exclusive Agents of the Seller.

BROKER PARTICIPATION: A referral of 1% of the high bid will be paid to any properly licensed Broker who registers a successful buyer according to the appropriate Broker Participation Agreement. This form is available from the Auction Company and must be completed and returned no later than 48 hours prior to the auction end date.

DISCLAIMERS AND ABSENCE OF WARRANTIES: The information in the auction advertising was obtained from sources believed to be accurate, but is subject to verification by all parties relying on it. All sketches and dimensions are approximate. No liability for its accuracy, errors or omissions is assumed by the Seller or the auction company. All bidders are responsible for conducting their own inspections, investigations, inquiries and due diligence concerning the property. The property is being offered on an "AS IS", "WHERE IS" basis and no warranty or representations, expressed or implied, is made by the Seller or the auction company. All information contained in the advertising and all related materials are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the purchase agreement. The Auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of the Seller up to, but not beyond the Seller's reserve (if applicable).

PRE-AUCTION SALES: The sellers have agreed that all offers are to be made via the online auction process and no offers will be looked at until the listed date and time of the auction ending.

THIS IS A WITH RESERVE AUCTION:  Auction company hereby reserves the right bid on behalf of the seller.

BidderAmountTime Placed
J****d $46,000.00Top Bid7/15/2024 10:25:26 PM
j****m $45,500.007/15/2024 10:24:11 PM
J****d $45,000.007/15/2024 10:21:00 PM
j****m $44,500.007/15/2024 10:19:14 PM
J****d $44,000.007/15/2024 10:16:20 PM
j****m $43,500.007/15/2024 10:14:16 PM
J****d $43,000.007/15/2024 10:10:00 PM
j****m $42,500.007/15/2024 10:09:19 PM
J****d $42,000.007/15/2024 10:07:06 PM
M****t $41,500.007/15/2024 10:06:34 PM
J****d $41,000.007/15/2024 10:05:12 PM
M****t $40,500.007/15/2024 10:04:26 PM
J****d $40,000.007/15/2024 10:03:30 PM
M****t $39,500.007/15/2024 10:02:54 PM
J****d $39,000.007/15/2024 10:02:15 PM
M****t $38,500.007/15/2024 10:01:20 PM
J****d $38,000.007/15/2024 10:00:51 PM
M****t $37,500.007/15/2024 10:00:09 PM
J****d $37,000.007/15/2024 9:59:50 PM
M****t $36,500.007/15/2024 9:59:44 PM
J****d $36,500.007/15/2024 9:59:44 PM
M****t $36,000.007/15/2024 9:59:12 PM
J****d $36,000.007/15/2024 9:59:12 PM
M****t $35,500.007/15/2024 9:58:17 PM
J****d $35,000.007/15/2024 9:57:51 PM
M****t $35,000.007/15/2024 9:57:51 PM
J****d $34,000.007/15/2024 9:57:42 PM
M****t $33,500.007/15/2024 9:57:42 PM
J****d $33,000.007/15/2024 9:57:21 PM
M****t $32,500.007/15/2024 9:57:11 PM
J****d $32,000.007/15/2024 9:56:55 PM
M****t $31,500.007/15/2024 9:56:45 PM
J****d $31,500.007/15/2024 9:56:45 PM
M****t $31,000.007/15/2024 9:55:36 PM
J****d $30,500.007/15/2024 9:55:33 PM
M****t $30,000.007/15/2024 9:55:33 PM
J****d $29,750.007/15/2024 9:55:25 PM
M****t $29,500.007/15/2024 9:55:25 PM
J****d $29,250.007/15/2024 9:55:19 PM
M****t $29,000.007/15/2024 9:55:19 PM
J****d $28,750.007/15/2024 9:55:14 PM
M****t $28,500.007/15/2024 9:55:14 PM
J****d $28,250.007/15/2024 9:55:05 PM
M****t $28,000.007/15/2024 9:55:05 PM
J****d $27,750.007/15/2024 9:49:53 PM
B****m $27,500.007/15/2024 9:49:53 PM
J****d $26,500.007/15/2024 8:56:58 PM
j****m $26,250.007/15/2024 8:48:28 PM
J****d $26,000.007/15/2024 8:40:03 PM
m****m $25,750.007/15/2024 6:57:15 PM
d****m $25,500.007/15/2024 6:55:04 PM
m****m $25,500.007/15/2024 6:55:04 PM
d****m $25,250.007/15/2024 1:41:05 PM
J****d $25,000.007/15/2024 12:39:43 PM
B****m $25,000.007/15/2024 12:39:43 PM
J****d $24,750.007/14/2024 2:58:20 PM
5****v $24,500.007/14/2024 2:58:20 PM
J****d $24,250.007/14/2024 2:58:10 PM
5****v $24,000.007/14/2024 2:58:10 PM
J****d $23,750.007/13/2024 12:48:52 PM
5****v $23,500.007/13/2024 12:48:52 PM
J****d $22,250.007/11/2024 11:36:50 AM
5****v $22,000.007/11/2024 11:36:50 AM
J****d $20,500.007/10/2024 11:23:45 PM
T****m $20,250.007/10/2024 11:12:02 PM
J****d $20,000.007/10/2024 11:11:59 PM
T****m $19,750.007/10/2024 11:11:59 PM
J****d $19,500.007/10/2024 11:11:57 PM
T****m $19,250.007/10/2024 11:11:57 PM
J****d $19,000.007/10/2024 11:11:55 PM
T****m $18,750.007/10/2024 11:11:55 PM
J****d $18,500.007/10/2024 11:11:53 PM
T****m $18,250.007/10/2024 11:11:53 PM
J****d $18,000.007/10/2024 11:11:51 PM
T****m $17,750.007/10/2024 11:11:51 PM
J****d $17,500.007/10/2024 11:11:49 PM
T****m $17,250.007/10/2024 11:11:49 PM
J****d $17,000.007/10/2024 11:11:47 PM
T****m $16,750.007/10/2024 11:11:47 PM
J****d $16,500.007/10/2024 11:11:45 PM
T****m $16,250.007/10/2024 11:11:45 PM
J****d $16,000.007/10/2024 11:11:43 PM
T****m $15,750.007/10/2024 11:11:43 PM
J****d $15,500.007/10/2024 10:34:39 PM
T****m $15,250.007/10/2024 10:34:00 PM
J****d $15,000.007/10/2024 10:33:55 PM
T****m $15,000.007/10/2024 10:33:55 PM
J****d $14,750.007/10/2024 10:33:53 PM
T****m $14,500.007/10/2024 10:33:53 PM
J****d $14,250.007/10/2024 10:33:49 PM
T****m $14,000.007/10/2024 10:33:49 PM
J****d $13,250.007/10/2024 10:33:42 PM
T****m $13,000.007/10/2024 10:33:42 PM
J****d $12,750.007/10/2024 10:33:40 PM
T****m $12,500.007/10/2024 10:33:40 PM
J****d $12,250.007/10/2024 10:33:38 PM
T****m $12,000.007/10/2024 10:33:38 PM
J****d $11,750.007/10/2024 10:33:36 PM
T****m $11,500.007/10/2024 10:33:36 PM
J****d $11,250.007/10/2024 10:29:53 PM
T****m $11,000.007/8/2024 3:44:29 PM
j****m $11,000.007/8/2024 3:44:29 PM
T****m $10,750.007/1/2024 3:35:16 PM
j****m $10,500.007/1/2024 3:26:13 PM
T****m $10,250.006/29/2024 2:20:30 PM
j****m $10,000.006/29/2024 2:20:28 PM
T****m $10,000.006/29/2024 2:20:28 PM
j****m $9,750.006/29/2024 2:20:26 PM
T****m $9,500.006/29/2024 2:20:26 PM
j****m $9,250.006/29/2024 2:20:24 PM
T****m $9,000.006/29/2024 2:20:24 PM
j****m $8,750.006/29/2024 2:20:22 PM
T****m $8,500.006/29/2024 2:20:22 PM
j****m $8,250.006/29/2024 2:20:21 PM
T****m $8,000.006/29/2024 2:20:21 PM
j****m $7,750.006/29/2024 2:20:19 PM
T****m $7,500.006/29/2024 2:20:19 PM
j****m $7,250.006/29/2024 2:20:17 PM
T****m $7,000.006/29/2024 2:20:17 PM
j****m $6,750.006/29/2024 2:20:15 PM
T****m $6,500.006/29/2024 2:20:15 PM
j****m $6,250.006/29/2024 2:20:13 PM
T****m $6,000.006/29/2024 2:20:13 PM
j****m $5,750.006/29/2024 2:20:11 PM
T****m $5,500.006/29/2024 2:20:11 PM
j****m $5,250.006/29/2024 2:20:09 PM
T****m $5,000.006/29/2024 2:20:09 PM
j****m $4,100.006/29/2024 1:29:37 AM
T****m $4,000.006/29/2024 1:29:37 AM
T****m $3,100.006/28/2024 9:02:23 PM
5****v $3,000.006/28/2024 9:02:23 PM
5****v $2,600.006/28/2024 8:59:07 PM
T****m $2,500.006/28/2024 8:59:07 PM
T****m $2,100.006/28/2024 8:58:07 PM
5****v $2,000.006/28/2024 8:58:07 PM
5****v $1,100.006/28/2024 8:51:27 PM
T****m $1,000.006/28/2024 8:51:01 PM
5****v $1,000.006/28/2024 8:51:01 PM
T****m $101.006/17/2024 2:52:46 PM
5****v $1.006/14/2024 12:20:38 PM